Random octave transpositions of single notes - XML import

• May 16, 2020 - 14:05
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S2 - Critical

I imported a Sibelius generated XML file with the fragment of my bigband score into MUSEscore. Musescore transposed, some random single notes up or down an octave. See (picture 1).
This happened a lot of times in this particular score.

I've noticed is that when I transpose the misspelled notes back to where they are supposed to be, some of those notes become become red or green, indicating, that musescore "thinks" these notes are out of standard range for a given instrument.

On the (picture 2). You can see a note has a red colour, even though it is in the normal range. That's the one that was transposed back. Once I delete the "red" note and manually input the same one it becomes normal again.

When I copy a passage with the "red" note and paste into another place it does one of two things:
- if I copy it to the same staff it "keeps" the note red
- if I copy it to the other staff - it doesn't make "red" notes but reverses the changes I've made. if I corrected the "wrong" passage by just transposing the note back and copy it to another staff, it pastes those notes "wrongly transposed" again.

After I save that xml file as musescore file and reopen it again the "red notes" effect disappears. But the notes that where wrongly transposed remain wrongly transposed.

I can't isolate the bars, since when I only export the bars with mistakes, musescore opens them correctly. It happens on a larger chunk of score only.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open "Bug report XML import" XML file.
  2. look at bar 4 of the flute voice (second staff from above).
    The second note (Bb) jumps up an octave, while the melody in the voice has a smooth up-scale motion.
  3. Transpose that Bb down an octave - it becomes red.
  4. Try to copy-paste that bar around to see the behaviour
  5. See many other examples across the score (Bars 11, 13 Flugelhorns,)
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Severity S3 - Major S2 - Critical

It looks like score corruption to me. Rather critical.
There has been changes in transposition for 3.5, did import this score with the beta, or with the stable 3.4? (you marked it as 3.4, but just to be sure)

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Hello Marr11317. Thank you for replying . To answer both your question:
1. I used the release downloaded directly from the website quite recently (about 2-3 weeks ago) with no "beta" indication on it. So it should be a stable release, although I have to say there was another issue report, where I was asked the same question by JeeTee.
I can't imagine how it could not be a stable release though.
It is a fairly complex score with lot's of hidden objects, instruments changes etc. , but I can't see exactly what is corrupt about it. Works alright in Sib.

  1. Yes I did. There are couple strange things, like flute voice becomes a Bb transposed, but that particular issue with random single notes transposed an actave up/down is not present. One exception is the bass line in bar 4, but that might only have to do with the 8va (octave above transposition sign) being displaced.

What actually happens is that the saxophone transposition is applied to the flute instead (thus setting the same transposition for both instruments). Quick workaround: add an instrument change to flute in the first measure.