Can't switch from pizzacato to normal midi channels

• Oct 15, 2009 - 19:46
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When working with piece containing pizz sections, I've been able to using the "staff text properties" dialog to switch back to the normal channel by creating some text ("arco") and assigning to the "normal" channel. Now when I do that, it doesn't have any effect. This happens in both current stable and current pre-release versions, no matter what soundfont I use.

When I start mscore from a terminal and play the piece back, it says "channel not found."

This is on Ubuntu 9.04, and the problem happens when using Alsa or Jack audio drivers.


Thanks for the quick reply! :) My sound font supports pizz...I can see it in the mixer, and it switch to pizz's switching back to the normal channel that's the problem. You test file seemed to work, but I was unable to reproduce it! Here's file I'm working with right now to never goes back to arco, even though I have it set to. Maybe it will work differently on your installation.

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You file does not work correctly here on 0.9.5. No arco switch indeed.
But if I select right click on arco and take a look to the channel, none is selected. If I click Normal and play again. It works.

If I compare the two files, the only difference is the case of the switch. Yours has "Normal" with big N, mine "normal" with small n. I think it's due to the translation... I use "English (US)" and you?

I probably did do a preview before posting.

Regarding the translation: I am using the English (US) according to Ubuntu's Language Support tool. The "Normal" channel is indeed capitalized everytime I see the dialog box. I have tried a complete purge of the mscore settings and program followed by a reinstall, but had no luck.

I probably changed the lower case "normal" to an uppercase "Normal" at some point after 0.9.5 (I didn't realize this would break the feature). I changed it back to a lowercase "normal" in r.2211 for en_US.

However I am leaving this bug as active since MuseScore looks for "normal" in the translated text (see instrument.cpp). There are probably other translations that do not use the exact word "normal"

actually, I'm a new user, using 0.95 with Windows Vista, and I'm having this exact problem. Is there an update I need to get?

I have been having the same problem with version 1.3 in 2014, that is, being unable to change the pizz setting back to arco. Looked like the entire part would stick in pizz for the duration of the piece! But given the playback characteristics of MIDI, I tried playing back the section after setting the channel (right click on staff text, click channel box and normal, for example) and not only did the playback reflect the change, it seemed to lock in the change when I went back and clicked on the notes. So try playing back this type of change immediately. Probably just playing back the first few notes will do.

If you're having problems with the pizz / arco switching behavior, you should post your question to the Support forum, along with a copy of the score you are having problems with and exact step by step instructions to reproduce the problem.