Request to having the alternative choice of “To Coda”

• Oct 27, 2020 - 08:46
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OS: macOS High Sierra (10.13)
Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):
revision: 465e7b6

It would be nice if I have the alternative choice of “To Coda”,
Replace Coda to Coda Symbol

personally I prefer the way, it saves the side space.

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There's nothing stopping anyone from putting it in a palette. There's also nothing wrong with making a default option in the future either.

A problem with implementing this is that while the "To " should follow the the font size of "Repeats text right" (default: 12pt), the Coda symbol "<sym>coda</sym>" should follow the font size of "Repeats text left" (default: 20pt), and the entire string should follow the alignment of "Repeats text right" (default: right).
No idea how to achieve that programatically, without hardcoding any of those defaults?

So I guess We'd indeed have to hardcode that Coda symbol's size

It is, in the Advanced workspace. Not in the Basic one though, and I think for good reason. IMHO varcoda and serpent shouldn't be in there either (where's codetta?)

oops, yes you are right..:)
Yep, It appears in Advanced workspace, not in Basic.
I agree it's good to do this.

BTW, in Advanced workspace, To Coda (symbol) also exists in"More" option.
Isn't it duplicated ?


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So maybe we should not have it in the Advanced workspace but in the master palette only (and also remove serpent and varsegno from the Basic workspace)?
Also might sort the issie with the duplicate name (so could be "To Coda" as the tooltip for both)

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Ah, it's a little pity if it shows only in master palette..
Probably not so many users will notice about it.

Or other way around;
Only shows it in "more"option both in basic&Advanced workspace?

>Do you mean serpent and varsegno are thsese symbols?


If so, yep I agree to remove these from Basic workspace.
There are not Basic symbols for sure :)
Maybe put these in "More" option in Basic workspace?
Again, not so many users will notice about these if these are only in Master palette.

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Every element that is in the master palette bit not its workspace counterpart is shown in "more", so that new To Coda would show there for Basic and Advanced.
Ok, I'll remove that one from Advanced and those other rare elements from Basic then
Not sure about the Tooltip, which might be needed by visually impaired users

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Ahh ok, so it's my understanding;

-Remove To Coda(symbol) from Advanced workspace
-To Coda(symbol) will show in "More" option both in Basic and Advanced workspace.
-Remove Segno variation and Varied coda from basic workspace.

About Tooltip, ohhh you are right..
It would be important for visually impaired users.
Then the tooltip should be To Coda (symbol) as you originally named.

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