Can't Save my File

• Dec 9, 2020 - 05:45
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I just finished up a file today that I composed for my class. However, when I went to go and click save, nothing happened. No save as came up at all. I also tried to do the exit out - Save way, but it still didn't properly work. I don't understand why it's doing this because it was working just fine 2 days ago with no problems. I just recently updated to the new update for muse score, but I was still okay to save up until this point. I don't know why it's not working and I hope you guys fix it soon.

ps, I'm on a Mac. I looked up a thread that it seems to happen more on windows, but it's hurt my computer just the same


Status active needs info

Maybe the dialog comes up on a secondary screen, that just currently isn't conncected?

Try Help > Revert to factory settings

So you are saying that you never saved the file while working on it, and are finally trying to save it now and expecting the prompt for a filename but not seeing the dialog? Indeed, it could be showing up offscreen if you previously had a different monitor attached or changed any display settings or had an OS update that changed something, etc.

If you still have the score up, try File / Save As, this might use a different dialog position. Or File / Save a Copy. Or File / Save Online. Or as a last resort, File / Export, with MusicXML as the format. Actually, first maybe try just hitting Enter after the File / Save which should save the file using the default filename.

Of course, if you did previously save it but simply forgot you did, then it's totally normal no dialog would appear upon hitting Save again.