Unable to open up a piece again.

• Dec 30, 2022 - 19:45
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S2 - Critical
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1) I have tried to reopen the score through my saved files but when I clicked on it, it said that it was a corrupted score. I then tried to, open the origional score throught Musescore 4.0 but it also said that it was corrupted. Another I have is a bug with the palettes, is not their when I open up any score and when I try to open them up through the [View] tab, the computer crashes. Musescore also randomly crashes when I input notes and or change the note to all of the peices/scores I work on or just work on the score. I hope their is a to fix this.

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Carol of the Bells.mscz 1.71 MB


That is a massive file. I hope you have a working copy somewhere, or a backup.

It seems to me that MS4 is less apt to open corrupted scores than eg MS3.6 and it seems to me that files of earlier versions could be mildly bad without obvious errors, but will not open in MS4. I'm not sure of this however.

You can change the filetype from mscz to zip and look into the archive with eg 7-zip. You can even edit the contents of the archive if you have a good idea of where to look and what to do.

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Type musescore.org Functional
Reported version 4.x-dev 4.0

Here's the uncorrupted version for you: Carol of the Bells fixed.mscz

Something strange happened with this file... it was easy to fix, but still very strange. Can you describe what you have done exactly with it? Opening, saving, save as... etc. and in which order