Request for "select all in same measure" in MuseScore 4

• Jan 6, 2023 - 01:18
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In MuseScore 3 there used to be options for "select all in same measure"
This function is very useful. Can it be added to MuseScore 4?

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I can confirm this option is missing, so I recommend reporting it on GitHub.

Note that in most cases, this option isn't needed because you can select within range without needing this dialog. Can you explain more about the special purpose for which you are finding this option useful? Something involving measure numbers I guess?

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Thank you for checking. How do I report something on GitHub?

You are correct that it is most useful when selecting measure numbers. This is useful when preparing conductor's scores where all measure numbers should be present above only one stave.

So for example, I'm scoring a piece and need to add a new measure. When I add the measure all of the staves have a measure number automatically (since there is no place for me to select "measure numbers on all measures for only one stave") so I want a quick way to remove all the measure numbers from each stave except the one I want the measure number on. So I select the one I want, make it invisible, select "all the measure numbers in the same measure" and make them invisible (thus negating the one I already made invisible).

This is also useful when selecting all dynamics or articulations in a measure to make a quick change throughout the whole score.

Honestly I use that "select all in measure" a lot...

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GitHub issues are here -

I'm still understanding your use cases. MuseScore automatically puts measure numbers on the top staff only - you don't need to do anything special to make that happen. Or if you've previously told MuseScoree you want them on all staves and now you are changing your mind, simply tell MuseScore you've changed your mind in the same way - Format / Style / Measure numbers. You're not supposed to have to do all that work at all!

As for dynamics etc, why not simply select in range instead of needing to bring up a dialog and check a box? Fewer keystrokes / click to accomplish the same thing. Eg, click one dynamic, shift+click another to select all dynamics in that range, or select the range then right-click, Select / Similar in range.

As far as I can tell, you shouldn't need to resort to this dialog for any of things you are describing. It's meant for only much more obscure uncommon operations - the common things you describe are much simpler and don't require this dialog at all.

If you're still having trouble, try asking for help on the Supprot forum, attaching your score, and describing in more detail what you are trying to do. Then someone can show you moire specifically exactly what to click etc to accomplish the job without resorting to this dialog.

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Thanks, Marc. Let me clarify. I don't want the measure numbers on ALL staves, just one of the staves in the score (depending on the size and instrumentation of the ensemble) so I want to be able make the measure numbers on all other staves invisible because there isn't a setting where MuseScore will allow for only one stave in a multi-instrument score to have measure numbers.
As far as dynamics, I'm not sure what you mean by selecting only something in-range. How do I select a forte, for example, and then select all fortes in one measure along multiple instruments in the score without a "select all in same measure"?

I realize you don't want the measure numbers on all staves. As I said, the default is only one one staff - the top staff. That's the usual setting in Format / Style / Measure numbers, and most people would have never been a need to change that. But it sounds like you are saying you some some sort unusual special situation where you want the measure number on one staff only, but not the top staff? That would be extraordinarily rare, but it might help to see an example of what you mean in order to better understand and assist.

As for how to select all forte markings in a a given measure across all staves, it's exactly as I said. First select the range - eg, click the measure in the top staff, Shift+click the measure in the bottom staff - then right-click the dynamic and use Select / Similar in range. No need to bring up that dialog box. This works also to select across any range, of course, not just a single measure. So you can use it to select just the dynamics on the brass staves, or all dynamics across a range of multiple measures. This is all equally true in MuseScore 3 & 4 - the dialog would never be needed for any of this.

Wow, that's crazy, never heard of such a thing. But indeed. for that specific purpose, you'd want to do this indeed.

Still, far simpler not to worry about this until the chart is done. Just go with the default measure number while working on the piece, then convert to their non-standard formatting just before submitting.

Again, I'm not saying it wouldn't occasionally be useful to have the "same measure" measure feature so I do hope it comes back, but still, what you are doing here is far more easily achieved other ways, so my main goal here is to help you get the job done using the tools today.