Mixer Viewing Issue

• Feb 13, 2023 - 19:22
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S3 - Major
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To produce the issue, one must have a laptop sized/single monitor setup.
The mixer is not viewable. When I press F10, the mixer does not open. This is not as much an issue when I am working on two monitors, but when I am in public and with only my laptop screen I cannot work the mixer. I understand that it is still work in progress as it is built from the ground up in Musescore 4, but I do not have this issue in Musescore 3.6.


Status active needs info

Presumably Musescore is still trying to open the mixer on your other monitor. Use View / Restore the default layout to reset that. If that does not do it, try Help / Revert to factory settings.

In the future, if you have questions about how to use MuseScore, please use the Support forum.

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I've had the same problem of Musescore losing track of an undocked Mixer. In my case, my monitor configuration was unchanged. View / Restore does not work. Help / Revert to factory settings is brutal solution. If Musescore loses track of an undocked window it is a bug.

Please let us know if you find precise steps to reproduce the problem. I have never encountered a situation where the restore default layout fails, and the only cases I have found where MuseScore "loses track" of the mxier were due to user (ie, my own) error of changing resolution or otherwise moving a window off screen.

It is no longer happening. My guess is "Revert to factory settings" resolved whatever the problem was.

If it recurs I'll raise a bug report with all the details.