Select only melody without others

• Oct 21, 2014 - 17:17
S4 - Minor

If I want to delete or copy some music, I select few notes or measures. Then I try to delete or copy them, but sometimes lyrics are not deleted together with the notes. Many of musical marks are not able to select and therefore I have to delete them manually or by pasting I have to rewrite them into the new place. It would be fine to have both possibilities - to select music without marks and to select it with the marks (for example CTRL-SHIFT-second click).


Assuming you're using MuseScorte 1.3 or older: These should be fixed in 2.0 Beta 1 and later nighly builds, so I'll mark this fixed.
Reopen if you have this with the Beta too.

And for the record, in 2.0 Beta/Nightly, while lyrics are included with the selection by default (both for copying and deleting), there is now a Selection Filter (under Edit menu) that allows you to choose which items get included in the selection.


I wonted to request some features after my really hard finishing some bigger score and now I see in beta 2 allmost all of them: Instrument parts are joint with partiture so that I change one, the other changes also, setting other instrument for alterning players (clarinet - sax), Possibility to define layout for partiture and parts independently and so on...