Non-ASCII shortcuts

Category:bug report

Steps to reproduce bug
1. Edit > Preferences > Shortcuts
2. Double click on one of the actions to open the shortcut editor dialog
3. Press a number pad or non-ASCII key

Expected behavior: Character should appear onscreen

Actual behavior: Square boxes appear instead of the actual character

MuseScore version: r.2489

(Operating System: Windows XP)

First reported by alexdanre:


Status:active» closed

its a qt(nokia) problem:

Status:closed» postponed

I would keep this issue opened and to be checked when Qt has a fix for it. If you are reading this and have an account on the Qt bug tracker, please vote for the bug ;)

or rather: vote against it ;-)


A bug (now marked duplicate) has some details: #11577: [Mac] Font for directional keys broken when entered

The number may not appear, but does that prevent the shortcut from functioning?

updating URL:
If I read it correctly, it's fixed in Qt 5.2 (when that gets released)

Also see #11966: Can't use numpad asterisk in keyboard shortcuts.

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