Inconsistent font rendering on Windows vs Linux

• Jan 7, 2015 - 14:46
S4 - Minor

The first version of the OpenWTC score is created on Windows and revealed a rendering issue when rendered with Linux on

The issue occurs two times:
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This issue is due to a different font rendering difference on both platforms by Qt. It's a known issue with no solution yet.

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can anybody check if starting MuseScore on windows comandline with option:

mscore -platform windows::fontengine=freetype

makes any difference in font rendering?

Here is the result of "MuseScore.exe -platform windows:fontengine=freetype" in fontengine.png, compared to the usual "MuseScore.exe" in file normal.png.
Not only the layout changes, but also all the texts in the menus: they look thinner and wider with respect to the usual scenario.

Windows 8.1, commit 1d4556b (self-compiled, debug mode).

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This platform dependent rendering of fonts is horrible. Font metrics are interpreted differently and can lead to different system and even page breaks on different platforms.
We should consider running MuseScore on windows (and if possible on mac) with the freetype fontengine. Not because it looks better but to get uniform platform independent results.