In playback, appoggiaturas shift following note rather than subtracting from it

• Mar 5, 2010 - 20:30
S4 - Minor

This applies to all MuseScore versions since at least 0.9.5 and to both Windows (XP) and Linux (Ubuntu).

Issue: during playback, when an appoggiatura is found, its duration is inserted before the main note; so that the total duration of the pair is: duration of appoggiatura + duration of main note.
Expected behaviour: the duration of the appoggiatura is subtracted from the duration of the main note, so the total duration of the pair is equal to the nominal duration of the main note.
STR: load and play the attached (silly!!!) score; the notes preceded by appoggiaturas will 'overflow' into the following pause or note.

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This issue seems to be solved in current trunk revision (3410), possibly since some time.

Shall I mark it as "fixed"?


After more careful testing, it does not seems to be fixed: now the appoggatura starts just before the previous note ends, for a very short time plays together with it and then ends when it ends.