Chordnames not transposed (0.9.6 regression)

• Mar 7, 2010 - 18:26
S2 - Critical

Steps to reproduce bug
1. Open or create a score with chordnames
2. Edit > Select All
3. Notes > Transpose
4. Choose a new key
5. March "Transpose chord names"
6. Press "OK"

Expected behavior: Chord names should transpose (along with the notes.

Actual behavior: Chord names remain unchanged

MuseScore version: r. 2849 nightly

(Operating System: Windows 7)


Status (old) fixed active

The following steps cause MuseScore to hang:

  1. Open promenade demo
  2. Click on a note and add a chord name (Ctrl + K)
  3. Type C
  4. Leave chord name entry (Esc)
  5. Edit > Select all
  6. Notes > Transpose
  7. Choose "F Major / D minor"
  8. Make sure "transpose by chord name" is marked
  9. Press "OK"

--> Hang

(r. 2902 self-built, Windows 7)

Sorry, I didn't find this comment when I searched, feel free to close #5052. The only relevant informations that haven't been posted on this one are:

  • reproducible on all C-based chords
  • also reproducible by transposing to A major
  • there's at least one key to which it transposes fine (D major)