Playback starts at end of selection

• Apr 11, 2010 - 04:37

In Musescore 0.9.5 and 0.9.6b2 in Windows XP: When clicking on a measure to select the measure, pressing the play button will start the playback at the end of the measure. A user would expect the playback to start at the beginning of the selection.

When making a selection by clicking on a note, and then using shift left/right arrow keys to increase the selection, the playback will start at the last note added to the selection. Instead, the playback should start from the left-hand side of the selection.

Attached is an example image, where the middle of the measure is clicked to select the entire measure. When the play button is pressed, the music starts playing at the end of the measure, but playback from the start of the measure is expected.

An alternate behavior might be to just play the notes in the selected area and then stop. For the attached image, also only the top staff measure is selected, so a possible behavior in this case would be to only play that staff in the measure.

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  1. Select the note you want to start at
  2. Press "N" to begin note entry
  3. Press Play
  4. Stop playback
  5. Play again (noticed that it starts from the note you selected in step one (above)

(Tested using MuseScore stable, Windows 7)