Second note in measure missing accidental (0.9.6 regression)

• May 9, 2010 - 22:45
S2 - Critical

Steps to reproduce bug
1. Create a new score in G major (or at least one sharp)
2. Add an F-sharp to the first measure
3. On the note entry toolbar click "natural" to change the note you just added
4. Add another F-sharp to the first measure

Expected behavior: The F-sharp added in step 4 above needs a sharp sign in front to cancel out the natural sign from the previous note.

Actual behavior: The F-sharp sounds like an F-sharp during playback but it does not have a sharp sign in front.

Workaround: In step 3 you can use the down arrow instead of the natural sign from the toolbar.

MuseScore version: 0.9.6 RC1, Windows 7. Bug not present in 0.9.5 stable.

(Operating System: Windows 7)

first reported Miwarre:



Unfortunately, this does not work for the download (9.6 Beta 2811) I am using. In the attached score notice in bar 8 I have had to use a D # rather than reinstate the Eb. An accidental continues through the measure so the Eb has to be reinstated manually and I am not allowed to do that. I have tried what you suggested, It did not work.

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ChristmasSong.mscz, 2.84 KB

I am so sorry to be obtuse about this but I still can not get the flat in bar 8 to appear. I can get a D# there but that is harmonically incorrect. If I do as directed above I get the E Natural again but I can not create an Eb. It simply reverts to an E without a return to the flat I want there. (I downloaded the latest release - 3070.) I had so hoped that this would work. I should be able to use the down arrow from the Note entry tool bar. When I get back to E natural, and press the down arrow, it goes to D.

TubaMan, I since the score was created in an earlier prerelease it inherited the problem. Attached is a corrected score. I had to move both E's in measure 8 using the arrow keys to get the natural and flat sign correct.

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ChristmasSong.mscz 2.83 KB

David, thank you for doing the correction. I also came up with a work around. I took all accidentals out and then reentered them from the right to the left. This fixed the problem, as well as your generous re-write. Is it possible to put the automatic natural that appears after an accidental, earlier in the measure, on a switch? I would prefer to put in each accidental and the following cancellation as well as the courtesy reminder, when I feel the need for it,

Thanks, again