Issue with actual measure duration

• Oct 3, 2010 - 23:08
S2 - Critical

Starting with measure 13 I entered a cadenza-like phrase of 29 eighth which I wanted to fit into this measure. I then changed the "actual" measure duration to 29/8. Duration of measure 14 changed duration to 3/4 and it's not possible to remove it. Right click on measure 13 tags all measaure to the end of the piece.

I'm still fiddling about to save my work...

btw: regarding the year beneath the composer, it should be right-justified. Entering a single space adjusts it, but after saving and reloading the year again appears left-justified.

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Which version of MuseScore are you using? On which OS ?
If you are not using musescore, please upgrade.
I downloaded your file and remove everything from the last measure and entered it again to try to reproduce. I can't reproduce the problem. Find the result attached.

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