Notes tied with slur consume two lyric syllables and break LilyPond

• Nov 8, 2010 - 16:36
S4 - Minor

Operating System: Windows XP-sp3
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It seems from the little I have seen of lyric adding conventions (ie some printed examples and LilyPond's conventions) that if two notes are tied with a slur, that they should only use only one word or syllable for the pair. However MuseScore operates differently (and maybe incorrectly) in that it requires two words (or syllables separated with a hyphen) to match up with two notes that are tied with a slur.

When these notes and lyrics are exported for input to LilyPond this difference breaks LilyPond's word<->note synchronization rather badly. See the attached score for examples of slurred note pairs which need a syllable for each note of the pair. Try exporting to LilyPond to see several bad breakdowns in the information transfer.

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All the slurred notes in your MuseScore file are hyphenated incorrectly. For example it should be "When wise men came seek-ing" not "When wi-se men came se-ek-ing". (You can press space or hyphen to skip to the next note without adding a syllable).

The issue of supporting export to LilyPond for scores that do not have all the correct slurs and syllables is addressed more fully in #3874: LilyPond: Melismatic syllables