[1.0] measure numberings can't get their size changed

• Jan 27, 2011 - 16:44
S4 - Minor

measure numberings can't get their size changed, resp. chacnegd don't 'stick' i.e. don't get saved and don't take any effect.
I tried via right click, text properties, change size and use for all elements of same type

Changing via Text Style doesn't have and visible effect either


r 3507

I am able to change their size.

I right click on the measure number and select "Text Properties". Unfortunately this only changes the one I have selected.

For global changes, I can change them by going to Style> edit text style> measure number and change them there. When I do this, there is no immediate change. I have to save and reload for the changes to appear.

Currently site is 5, if I look at it via right click, text properties. I can cange it to, say, 6, and apply this to all elements of the same type, that change is visible immediatelly, but the number now sits inside the stave, not above it. When I save and reopen, it is back to what it was before.
If I try via the global settings, I see it there being set to 8, change to 3, no visible effect, safe, reload and now it is set to 3!
Hmm, if I now set it to 10 in the global settings, safe and reopen, it is at 6... very strange.