Better IRC option for developers...

• Dec 28, 2015 - 02:26
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I'm wondering if MuseScore could use something else then IRC for the developper chat. It's so inconvenient to lose the discussions when we are disconnected. More over, there are no archives of the discussions.

I think should host a chat system so developers could join in and read the backlog when they log in.

Or maybe MS could setup a bouncer (ie. ZNC - )


Yes, I know irccloud but we're still disconnected after a 2 hours of inactivity. Otherwise we have to pay 5 $US/month.

I think of the IRC channel as serving a different purpose than the mailing list. The latter is what you should be using if you want a conversation to be accessible in the future. The IRC channel is meant for more casual or time-sensitive discussions. I'd prefer to keep them separated in this way.

Yeah, I understand your point Marc, but I seems to be on a different time zone (Quebec, Canada). So when I ask a question at night here, people are sleeping. And when I go to sleep, I get disconnected... At least for me, it's impractical.

Systems like ZNC would allows me/us to get the backlog when login back, and without the monthly fees.

Another alternative is Slack (but it's not free either)
Regarding the bouncer, we don't really have the human bandwidth to maintain another server and a bouncer on it. Any suggestion for a free bouncer service?

I can understand the frustration of not getting the answer of a question when you get up. On the other hand, I'm quite happy that all the sh** I said on IRC for the last past 7 years (yes, really...) is not recorded and available publicly. So it would be cool if the public history was destroyed every week or so.

Please keep using Freenode IRC as backend, so do not switch to any “hip” thingy. It’s possible to publish IRC logs.

I personally run irssi in screen (or tmux) on a dedicated/vserver for that; it can reconnect and create plaintext logs, which can then be exposed via a webserver.