Audio Glitch

• Feb 1, 2016 - 21:36
Graphical (UI)
S4 - Minor

When I plug in my USB headphones into my computer to work with musescore, I cannot get audio from the Musescore interface.

GIT commit: f51dc11


What OS are you on? Have you tried following the instructions in the Handbook under "Revert to factory settings"? What do you see in Edit / Preferences / I/O?

Status (old) needs info closed

Client side issue. I am using Windows 7, and when I installed the needed update it worked fine. Strange though, because it was working fine before, I don't know why all of a sudden it stopped putting the audio through. It acted as if the headset was plugged in, because the computer stereo was silent. but no audio from the headphones. Weird.