viewing layout ???

• Feb 14, 2016 - 05:16

I can't seem to control the viewing layout of my score. I get one of the following:
1. vertical viewing controlled by mouse scrolling (which I want), or
2. 1,2,3 horizontal screens controlled by icons 1, 2, or 3 at bottom of page (which I do NOT want).

I cannot seem to figure out how to switch from one viewing mode to the other, and I cannot find it in Handbook using search terms that make sense to me.

Ideas please.


I don't fully understand your question.

You should be able to switch between continuous view and page view using the drop-down menu located between the zoom and the midi toggle it is set to "Page View":


You wrote:
2. 1,2,3 horizontal screens controlled by icons 1, 2, or 3 at bottom of page (which I do NOT want).

Might you be referring to the Navigator? See:
which can be enabled/disabled as described.

Also, you are familiar with vertical scrolling of the score via the mouse wheel (which you want).
Do you know that you can scroll horizontally using Shift + mouse wheel?


1. Type F12 to make those 'icons' at the bottom of the page (the Navigator panel) disappear. If the Navigator appears everytime you start the program and you don't want it to, go to EDIT>Preferences>General and uncheck 'Show the navigator'.

2. Switch between page view (will show you a score broken into pages) and continuous view (will show you a continuous score with no page breaks) by clicking on the dropdown icon in the main toolbar (as shown in the screen shot in the earlier reply).

Also as mentioned, you can instantly switch from vertical scrolling to horizontal scrolling by holding down (or not) the SHIFT key while rolling the mouse-wheel.

Finally, you can control the Zoom size of the image on the screen by holding down CTL and rolling the mouse-wheel.

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Still not quite what I am looking for...

Yes, F12 toggles the navigator panel.
Yes, SHIFT key while scrolling toggles between horz or vert scrolling.
Yes, toolbar icon switches between page view and continuous.


continuous view is ALWAYS stretched out left>right across the screen
(height is 1 system whether 1 or 2 or 3 staves)

page view lays pages out stretched out left>right across the screen

I want

a vertical display of pages (approx. what would print) similar to what MS Word does with pages, you scroll up/down to go from page to page, not horizontally. I would expect this to be the norm, other display formats are odd-ball.

I must be missing something quite simple.

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The vertical format you describe seems "normal" only for scores that have multiple small (eg, one or two staves) systems per page. Then it seems natural to want to scroll downwards to see more. However, for scroes with a single large (eg, ten staves) system per page, the horizontal layout is much more natural, since one system seems to flow directly into the next page.

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If you are using a mouse with a scroll wheel then hold down the Shift key when you scroll to scroll horizontally instead of vertically. Edit: oops, someone already posted that answer!

I agree that vertical scrolling would be preferable, and I'm glad to see it's on the way!

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What goes wrong when you try? If you continue to have problems, please attach the specific score you are having trouble with, and give us precise steps to reproduce the problem. But for me, using the current version 3.4.2, all the options discussed work as expected. So we'd need to know exactly what you are doing, what you expect to see happen, and what happens instead.

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