Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Sort descending Priority Version Replies Last updated
"View" menu is disabled if no score is open closed 9 7 years
Play panel tempo setting. closed 2 10 years
Windows nightly page working intermittantly. closed 4 5 years
Shift and Command held and clicking on dotted note moves dot closed 3 11 years
Dynamics text style should be italic closed 2.2 17 6 years
BPM in play panel is false closed 9 2 years
[tablature] option to display stems and beams below staff closed 7 10 years
cannot add lyrics below staff closed 1 8 years
Shift / Control and dragging an element does not work (drags the score instead) closed P0 - Critical 3.0 9 4 years
Wav export does not use latest sound settings closed 3 13 years
Glissando between grace notes or from grace note to note doesn't work closed 13 5 years
Change staff type midway the score closed 3.4 3 3 years
Put "Breaks & Spacer" into the main window closed 4 9 years
Using the "Repeat selection" shortcut to notes within a tuplet crashes Musescore. closed 3.2 6 4 years
Problem creating consecutive scores from same template (Next and Finish buttons disabled in dialogue) closed 3 11 years
Frames: Buggy behavior when entering and deleting text. closed 3.x-dev 6 4 years
changing the main title closed 3.5 1 2 years
Changing note to value exceeding bar causes crash closed 12 5 years
Connected Beams over line break doesn't work closed 9 5 years
"Save online" doesn't work closed P0 - Critical 3.0 6 4 years
Auto save does not backup scores that have never been saved closed 2 14 years
Play Panel: the BPM speed indicator disappears and reappears while changing the value. closed 12 7 years
Crash after closing score if loading style that defines chord id closed 13 9 years
Accords closed 2.1 1 5 years
Cannot turn whole measure rests into triplets closed 9 5 years