Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
[Windows, Linux] Bold and underlined text is not displayed properly closed 3.x-dev 5 2 years
"Enable vertical adjustment of staves" does not undo closed P1 - High 3.x-dev 4 1 year
Installation of Musescore 3.0.5. needs info 3.x-dev 0 3 years
Nightlies won't save files closed 3.x-dev 10 3 years
[MusicXML export] add print-object to part-name when required active 3.x-dev 0 2 years
Wrong default GUI font under Windows closed 3.x-dev 11 2 years
Key signature on wrong lines after changing clef duplicate 3.x-dev 1 3 years
Chord - tie interaction when opening a gp file active 3.x-dev 0 2 years
Incorrect handling between time signatures and BPM active 3.x-dev 10 3 years
[Regression] Bad layout of beam in presence of cross-staff beam in another voice closed P1 - High 3.x-dev 4 3 years
Crash adding barline via drag&drop closed P0 - Critical 3.x-dev 6 3 years
3.5 alpha: Shifts of Colored texts made in 3.4 by design 3.x-dev 5 2 years
"Reset position of all elements" when importing 2.x scores is missing in new "Try our improved style settings" dialog closed 3.x-dev 15 1 year
Inspector: width increases when certain elements are selected active P2 - Medium 3.x-dev 5 3 years
"Continue last session" (from Preferences > General) doesn't work anymore, starts empty instead closed 3.x-dev 12 2 years
Crash when multi-measure rests are enabled and press End closed P0 - Critical 3.x-dev 11 3 years
Signal handler still connected after execution ends in Plugin Creator active 3.x-dev 1 2 years
Joining two measures closed 3.x-dev 17 2 years
CLI Style Conversion Doesn't Copy <musicalSymbolFont> to Parts active 3.x-dev 0 3 years
Reset dialog when importing 3.x files is not honouring "Keep old style" and marking score dirty active 3.x-dev 2 2 years
Toolbar accidentals don't respect changes to previous notes closed 3.x-dev 5 3 years
Page Settings: staff space (spatium) control pads input before user has finished editing PR created P1 - High 3.x-dev 16 1 year
if insert new clef to a measure that already has clef at *start* of measure, then old clef shouldn't remain needs info 3.x-dev 10 3 years
Crash when finishing Setup Wizard with tempo box checked in 3.1 Beta closed P0 - Critical 3.x-dev 13 3 years
Jazz chord symbols: untick "Size follows staff space setting" affects vertical alignment closed 3.x-dev 3 3 years