Issues for MuseScore (deprecated)

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Title Status Priority Version Sort ascending Replies Last updated
Mis-transcription in 'Sonata 16' closed 4 3 years
Corruption when copying a shortened 2 note tremolo closed 8 8 years
Score with parts and a part name containing an "&" can't get opened again after first save closed 4 8 years
Last system fill threshold should apply to last measure of a section too closed 8 5 years
Page number text location not saved by design 1 13 years
[Trunk] Opening palettes that exceed height causes program window to expand closed 12 5 years
Note beams and stems disappear closed 7 10 years
mixer reports "-normal" for most channel names closed 3 9 years
Respell pitches mode adds note to chord when input is by mouse. closed 8 8 years
Ändern des Notensystemnamens nicht möglich in Musescore 2.0.2 closed 8 5 years
Shortcut does not work on second program start closed 6 13 years
Space bar for play/pause closed 13 13 years
[Trunk] No prompt about rewriting of measures after inserting time signature change and undo, and only applies to one stave closed 1 11 years
Right notehead bracket incorrectly positioned closed 8 9 years
Adding a tie will select a note in another voice in preference to same voice closed 4 9 years
"My issues" is missing closed 8 5 years
[trunk regression] Images in score should be resizable closed 2 11 years
Part name not consistent with Instrument change by design 6 11 years
"Scroll View" (as Finale calls it) duplicate 5 2 years
Initial key signature incorrrect in scores created from template with transposing instrument closed 5 8 years
Allow structural double bar to be placed inside a normal measure closed 1 13 years
Scores beginning with grace notes do not export to LilyPond correctly won't fix 3 10 years
Wrong order of accidentals in altered unison closed 9 2 years
Text style of header is not applied closed 4 10 years
Opening a score with minimum empty measure for mmRest = 0 causes hang closed 3 9 years