GSoC 2020: Albums, Week 0, At the Gate

Posted 3 months ago


Greetings and salutations MuseScore blog readers, this week I will show you the 2nd mode of operation in action, Album-mode.

Screenshot from 2020-06-02 10-25-47.png


The Good
  • As promised last week I worked on the layout and playback of scores with multiple movements. I am happy to announce that most of my attempts have been met with success, as you will see on the video. The movements are displayed properly, playing the album works, and editing the individual score is synced to the temporary album-mode score.
  • Simplified the MasterScore class a bit by removing code that made each instance a node of a Linked List.
  • Completed the first test (albumIOtest).
  • MuseScore remembers the folder where you last saved an album
  • Relative filepaths for loading albums.
The Bad
  • My attempt to add albums to the list of recently opened scores failed.
  • The playback cursor is not placed correctly.
The Ugly
  • Syncing does not work for the 1st movement of the temporary album-mode score.
  • Can't edit the temporary album-mode score.
  • Changing from album-mode back to score mode crashes.
  • (related to the above) The code related to playback in both modes (is ugly).
  • I wasted half a day trying to find a bug. It turned out that I should respect compiler warnings a bit more. (@joachim :-)

What does the future hold?

This week I will work on fixing the problems presented above. I will also fix all my compiler warnings and automated test failures.

That's it, make sure to check out the video :^)


For the pause between scores in playback, and also for other reasons (automatically restarting measure numbers, etc.), you might want to use the "Section Break" like the old albums did.