Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Sort descending Last updated
Palette elements are deleted without any confirm message on palettes created in older versions active 3.4 11 ein Jahr
Pop up window to try to improve score too large for screen needs info 3.6 11 ein Jahr
Request 128th tremolo active 3.0 11 ein Jahr
[Musicxml Export] - Single slash in figured bass not exported active 3.6 11 ein Jahr
Make a "Get help online" button to go with the bug and leave feedback buttons. active P2 - Medium 3.0 11 3 Jahren
Incorrect display of workspaces after installing MDL active P1 - High 3.0 11 2 Jahren
When attaching a dynamic to a hairpin, the hairpin doesn't play back unless velocity is edited in the inspector active 3.6 11 10 Monaten
Hairpin changes length if a dynamic is added active 3.6 11 10 Monaten
Align object to a grid or ability to align object relative to other active 11 3 Jahren
shortcut "{" for Add less stress does not work in c351315 active 11 6 Jahren
QML Spinner doesn't work with MuseScore custom UI style active 11 7 Jahren
Steel drums are not transposing instruments needs info 2.1 11 6 Jahren
Note/rest too close to start of mid-system measure with time signature active 3.2 11 2 Jahren
PDF Export takes wrong pagesize (letter instead a4) needs info 3.0 11 2 Jahren
Extra whitespace around flat symbol in chords when using custom fonts active 3.0 11 2 Jahren
Key / Time Signature Courtesy option (and delete) ineffective with Multimeasure Rests active 11 6 Monaten
Problem with playback velocity with dynamics and hairpins active 11 6 Jahren
Show string tuning after TAB clef active 3.0 11 11 Monaten
Unable to save synth settings in two scores in the same session active 11 2 Jahren
Voltas collide with elements above the staff if top staff is hidden (due to being empty) active 3.0 11 8 Monaten
[EPIC] Braille friendly musicxml export active 3.0 11 2 Jahren
Bends: make prebend optional so that down bends can be notated active 3.0 11 6 Monaten
Acciaccatura after note active P2 - Medium 11 ein Jahr
Add ability to explicitly break links between linked staves/parts active 11 3 Monaten
System being edited stays fixed on current page until editing an earlier system active P1 - High 3.2 11 ein Jahr