Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Aufsteigend sortieren Last updated
Simplify and group similar feature, especially the play, mixer, synth features active 3.0 0 3 Jahren
Enable console output on Win nightlies when run with -d active 3.0 0 3 Jahren
Auto avoidance not used when imported 2.x files have moved text. active 3.0 0 3 Jahren
Open recent: too many tabs = nothing active 3.6 0 ein Jahr
Separate MIDI tracks when switching instruments active 3.6 0 ein Jahr
MuseScore 4.0 system requirements missing from Download page active 0 einem Monat
Window won't stay maximized active 4.x-dev 0 2 Wochen
MuseScore Online File Plays An Extra Count-in Beat (Hidden Note)? needs info 0 3 Jahren
When system starts with a small-sized staff, the text-line thickness is wrong in staves below active 3.6 0 ein Jahr
Solfege Moveable Do - Alteration Noteheads have wrong labels active 3.6 0 8 Monaten
4x-dev: First system indents are being applied to MS 3.6.2 files even when not specified active 4.x-dev 0 6 Monaten
Unable to change between speaker and headphones on macOS 12 / M1 Pro machine active 3.6 0 5 Monaten
OPEN: Ctrl and Shift no longer work when selecting files active 4.x-dev 0 5 Monaten
Courtesy parenthesis beside key signature when no clef is present active 3.6 0 2 Monaten
3.0 19686 Piano Editor confused by long measure (roll ends early) active 3.0 0 3 Jahren
Plugin Manager path text not selectable, fully viewable active 3.0 0 3 Jahren
BPM not updating in score active 3.0 0 3 Jahren
Text and chord symbol styles do not update when switching to MuseJazz with "Automatically load style settings based on font" selected active 3.0 0 3 Jahren
[trunk] SVG graphics imported into a palette are not placeable in the score active 0 10 Jahren
Crash when removing a staff that was selected in a part active 3.0 0 3 Jahren
[trunk] Incipits active 0 10 Jahren
Un-notated Drone Effect active 3.0 0 3 Jahren
Add eastern europe characters to MuseJazz active 0 10 Jahren
Midi playback - corrupted, extra noise not in the score active 3.0 0 3 Jahren
Removing top instrument removes group bracket active 0 9 Jahren