Add command to choose scaling based on current layout

• Nov 23, 2018 - 08:49
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by design

Layout/Page Settings do not automatically adjust to number of instruments placed in score. (i.e.: score does not resize to fit all instruments- one must manually adjust size of page with auto-fit).

In the official release of MuseScore 3, I suggest implementing automatic page formatting/sizing to adjust to number of instruments included in score. Users don't know how many inches/cm (or .10's of an inch/cm) they need to adjust a score's size parameters to fit their music. Competitor software has this feature. Auto-Fit would make the process of setting up large scores (i.e.: orchestra composers, large wind ensemble composers, etc.) easy.


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Not a bug but by design. So at best a feature request...
And rather than adjusting the paper format, or in addition to (to avoid the really large formats like A0 or even larger), it could also adjust the space setting.

11x17 is not really large (about A3), A0 is ;-)
So yes, automatically switching from A4 to A3 or from Letter to Tabloid might be a reasonable thing to do, but everything larger really is not, there the staff space setting would need to kick in

Severity S2 - Critical S5 - Suggestion

MHDrums you don't need to create feature requests somewhere else. Use S5-Suggestion severity instead.

I am not sure I understand correctly what this request about so I will better ask. In most cases you probably want to print scores on one of the standard paper formats (A0-A5 or whichever of them, US Letter etc.). Still silently changing paper format without notifying user seems to be not very good solution of the problem. Maybe after changing number of instruments some dialog should be shown with a choice to either resize the page or scale the score layout or something like that?

I get the request, but would not jump at doing it automatically. My scores most of the time don't initially fit onto A4 paper. But after entering my notes (continuous view mostly) I first enable "hide empty staves" (including very often in the first system as well).
Only then layout work starts and the hunt for a correct scale setting starts. In that respect a "fit biggest system on current paper by auto-setting scale value" command could be useful indeed.

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I guess the real point here is, just make the entire template visible and don't cut off staves from scores, unless user does that manually :). From there, once you go to print or adjust Page Size, you can fit the score to whatever page size you want from there.

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This is by design. I believe any automatic adjustment is a bad idea. It would not help but be rather confusing. Imagine you lower the pitch of a note which moves outside of the staff, the distance to the next staff increases, a dialog pops up "would you like to increase page size?". Thats horrible.

Title Layout/Page Settings don't Auto-Fit Score Size Add command to choose scaling based on current layout

I'm fine with that, and changed the wording to reflect it, but haven't reopened issue yet because I'm still wondering if it really would work as well as one might hope. After all, the moment the scaling changes, now the layout changes, and maybe that same scaling isn't right anymore (measures may have moved to different systems, causing different collisions and thus affecting system height. Plus, the main use case I think people care about is when they first create a score for 39 instruments and wondering why they don't all fit on the page. You can't realistically just live with that until you are done with score entry.

Because they would still have a paper format and switch to that (temporarily and invisible to the user) on print and PDF export, but there might be truncated?