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• May 5, 2016 - 02:02
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Whenever I change the tempo, at random times, MuseScore will not change the playback tempo to the tempo I have specified. Usually closing the program and re-opening it will temporarily fix it, but it keeps occurring and gets frustrating. Also, sometimes MuseScore will not play some instruments for their full length. For example, I was composing a marching band composition in 3/4 (in the key of C Major), and I had written a measure where the tuba plays a C natural (C2) for the entire measure, so a dotted half note, and the sound cut off around the one and a half or second beat of the measure. Which not only makes the playback different from what's written, but also sounds weird when the lowest bass voice releases half way through a measure, but the higher bass voice, tenor, alto, and soprano voices continue on. I will be including the file of the piece, so that it can be determined if it's just a corrupted MuseScore file, or bugs in MuseScore.

GIT commit: 3c7a69d

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The notes are marked staccato, that's why they are played shorter than notated. So that's totally correct.

As for the tempo issue, we'd need a score and precise steps to reprlduce the problme in order to investigate. There are one or two known bugs where if you change the tempo and add a breath mark or other symbol that interrupts the flow of time and do it in a particular, the playback won't be right until you reload the score. See for instance #100791: Wrong tempo after fermata if tempo change added in front. This one in particular was suppsedly already fixed for 2.0.3, but I won't be surprised if some other combination still has a problem.

In order to do that, I have to first uncehck "Follow text", so I've done that, changed the tempo to 500, and pressed play. It plays, at a tempo that as far as I can is probably 500 BPM. So far so good. What problem do you see exactly?

Sorry, bad instructions! Better: double-click the tempo, change "10" to "500," verify that the Inspector displays the same value, then press play.

I am having the exact same issue. I change the tempo (in my case, to 90). I save the score as an .mscz file, and close the score.

I re-open it and, although the tempo reads "crotchet" = 90, the playback speed is 120.

If I export the score as a MIDI file and re-open it in MuseScore (or any other MIDI playback programme), the tempo is 120.

I have also tried saving it as a .mscx file, but the result is just the same.

I have just tried deleting the tempo from the start of the score, but I now can't drag a tempo from the palettes onto the score

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@Hello Dolly, I can reproduce the problem with the score you uploaded, but deleting the tempo and adding a new one fixed it. I've attached a fixed version.

When you add tempo markings to a score you can't just drag them anywhere - you need to drag them onto a note or rest. You might find it easier to select a note or rest first and then simply double-click on the tempo text in the pallet. Also, make sure that the "Follow text" option is enabled in the Inspector for each tempo marking.

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Thank you very much for your help. That solution seems to work.

Perhaps a more intuitive method of setting the tempo could be considered for a future update?



Unfortunately having the same issue... It started after I played around with some fermatas and caesuras. When I add tempos they are not what I assign them. It gets frustrating. Saving/reopening won't fix. I've tried finding a "workaround" , for example I found that when setting the tempo to 46 I get what I actually want (which is 59). But this is ridiculous.

All help is appreciated,

EDIT: Deleting the tempo and adding again won't fix as well.
EDIT 2: Adding the tempo to a different note in the chord worked for now, but we'll see...

If you wqould like help., it is best to ask for it in the Support forum, and attach the score you are having problems with and precise steps to reproduce the problem. The problem discussed here is specific to linked parts and it goes away after a reload, so if you are seeing something else, your issue is unrelated. We would need to see your score and steps to reproduce the probolem in order to understand if the issue is something corrupt in your score, something you are not doing correctly, or a bug in the program.

I find that changing it in the inspector works. While changing it in the text does not.

If you don't have a good ear for rhythm and would like to test it without playing at ridiculous speeds (10, 500), open up the Play Panel (F11), and you can see the tempo it's set at. Note that it does not take effect there until you press play, but that's fine.

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"...changing it in the inspector works. While changing it in the text does not."

If this is the case, you need to attach the score and explain what you do that does not change the tempo. Either there is a bug that needs addressed or you are doing something wrong.

Hi - Musescore doesn't seem to be recognising any tempo changes I put in, and I was wondering if there is any way for me to sort this out. It seems to automatically playback at 120 BPM and doesn't recognise the change to 70 BPM at all. I have attached my score if this helps

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