Text color not honored for chord symbols

• Jun 14, 2011 - 10:11
S4 - Minor

I am running MuseScore 1.0 on a Mac, OS X 10.6.7

1. Select a chord name
2. Select (right-click) Text Properties
3. Change the chord name color to (say) blue and OK
4. Check "apply to all elements of same type"
5. Click OK

Result: All chord names disappear from score.

To re-color existing chord names, they have to be done one by one.


Sure not, as text properties for chords just disappeared.

And the inspectore can only Change one at a time ('select all similar' doesn't do the trick), so the need for a mass change still exists.

Status (old) needs info active

In general, Chordname text style is still honored. That remains the supported way of mass change properties for chord symbols. Despite containing what can look like text characters, they are rendered differently from regular text. And text properties has never been reliable as a means of affecting this.

Of course, text style changes affect *all* chords. The idea that one might want just selected chords to be rendered differently from others is sound, and seems like a good idea for a separate feature request.

Anyhow, color doesn't seem to be honored at all even in text style; not sure why. That much is probably a bug.