Zoom In keyboard shortcut (Ctrl++) does not work

• Jun 5, 2016 - 13:07
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On both Windows 7 and Windows 10, this keyboard shortcut does not work, although the Zoom Out one does.



Does your keyboard require Shift to access the "+" sign? If so, you need Shift as well. Also, the numeric keypad might be a different key. What is your keyboard configuration?

Hi Marc,

I have a UK keyboard with numeric keypad (that I rarely use) on a Windows 7 PC and a Dell Inspiron US keyboard under Windows 10, both of which exhibit the same behaviour.

On the PC, the "+" and "-" on the numeric keypad work fine, but I checked before raising the issue that I can't Zoom In with the "+/=" keyboard key, with or without Shift. (With or without NumLock doesn't make any difference either.)

I don't really need to use the Zoom In shortcut on the PC, because I usually zoom with the mousewheel, but it would be good to have it working on the laptop, which I only use on the move without a mouse.

Well, I am pretty sure it keyboard specific, because it seems to work for everyone else. Anyhow, you can go to Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts to customize the shortcut however you like. Perhaps your specific keyboard is sending a non-standard code for the "+" key, so you could try simply reassigning the same shrotcut and see if it regsters correctly. Otherwise, just change to something else that works.

BTW, assuming your laptop has a touchpad or simialr device, there is probably a mouse wheel gesture - two finger swipe, drag along edge, something like that. Might need to be configured in your device settings. But between that and scrolling, you definitely don't want to be without mosue wheel functionality if you can help it - MuseScore is designed around it.

Thank you, Marc.

Interestingly, reassigning Ctrl++ (as Ctrl+Shift+=) still doesn't work, although fortunately assigning Ctrl+= does, on *both* keyboards.

It seems like unbelievably bad luck that I own two different (albeit cheap) computers with deviant keyboards, so I suspect that this issue is more widespread than it appears to you, but most people just don't notice it since they are using a mousewheel or equivalent touchpad gesture and never bother with a keyboard shortcut.

Thank you for pointing out that I can configure my touchpad to zoom (by pinching). Unfortunately, its scrolling gesture doesn't seem to work, but I can tap-and-drag the score to scroll around it.

'because it seems to work for everyone else'
No, it doesn't for me.
But it can be easily by-passed by assigning another shortcut in the preferences.

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It doesn't work for me neither with Shift pressed nor without it. Btw, it works with my numpad "+" and "-" signs. It is the ASUS's laptop embedded keyboard. I use en_US and ru_RU keyboard setups.