Le point d'une demi-pause pointée qui disparait et réapparait à la lecture

• Jun 28, 2016 - 14:38
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Dans la pièce jointe les mesures 9 et 10 présentent chacune une demi-pause pointée.
Lorsque cette pièce est lue, les points des demi-pauses disparaissent au passage du curseur puis réapparaissent à la reprise.
Par contre elles restent invisibles à la fin de la lecture pour réapparaitre plus tard.
Ce problème n'existe pas sur les blanches pointées du morceau.

La gêne n'est pas très importante mais elle surprend.


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You can either delete those 2 dotted hald rests (as they are not in voice 1) or turn them into ful measure rests by selecting them and pressing Cttl+Shift+Del

Is that the problem you're having? My Frensh is insufficient...

BTW: you'd better ask support questions (like this?) in the forum, this is also available in French, here we are in the issue tracker, used for reporting bugs, and should be kept English.

Google Translate says:

In the attachment steps 9 and 10 each have a dotted half rest .
When this piece is played, the points of the half breaks disappear then reappear cursor move to recovery.
By cons they remain invisible to the end of the reading to reappear later.
This problem does not exist on the white dotted the song.
The discomfort is not very important but it is surprising.

As such I propose we close this as a duplication of #52631: Incorrect displaying of dots during playing