MusicXML crash on a particular file

• Feb 3, 2017 - 17:39
Reported version
S2 - Critical


Cause: two wavy-line number=1 type=start but no type=stop.

Probably not really critical, as it is caused by a very specific form of incorrect MusicXML.

Obviously should not crash MuseScore, will improve the error handling.

Cause found: in case of two wavy line starts, the error handler incorrectly deletes the wavy line, but uses it later anyway. To be fixed shortly.

The 2nd file doesn't crash in 2.1, 82110fc, Windows 7. The first though does crash.
Same for master, c2ef50f64

The latter dies with a failed assertion:
Fatal: Mscore: ticks_beat(): bad divisor 7 (...\libmscore\sig.cpp:26, int Ms::ticks_beat(int))

Disableing that check seems to get the file imported, opening that with 2.x,ignore the version mismatch, save again and open again results in corruption though, check the attached MuseScore files

Thanks again - a big help. I see that my program should check that beat-type is 1,2,4,8,..etc. and generate error if not. (My program converts .mu2 files to MusicXML). When I correct this it works.

More strange with tahir--turku--nimsofyan--bagda_gulu--ankara.xml.

I can import the file into Finale, save it and read it into Musescore. But the whole idea with my converter is that the notepitch .. values are float-numbers to give the right tone. So I need Musescore to printout the score (unfortunenately the alter values are not preserved in MuseScore). And my program plays it (with microtones).
I shall install the newest version of MuseScore and then hopefully the second file also works.
(I have posted another report about microtones and accidentals for the MusicXML import)