"Repeat measure sign" affects all staves

• Jul 20, 2012 - 23:14
S4 - Minor

steps to reproduce:

1) have at least two voices in the score
2) enter a melody that is two measures long and has different notes in each measure in the first voice
3) put something else the first measure of the second voice
4) put a repeat measure sign in the second measure of the second voice
5) playback
--> the first measure is played twice, the part of the melody second measure is replaced by the part in the first measure

alternatively open file in the attachment and play.

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I'm on 2.0, and have a multi-staff keyboard part (see attached png). Here I put the repeat measure symbol on the bass clef staff, to indicate that the bass part is to be repeated. But on playback, it repeats both the 1st measure of the treble line and the bass line (in addition to the whatever new notes are currently on the treble line). I'm posting here, because it seems like same issue.

No, this issue was about 2 instruments, 2 separate staves, not one with 2 staves. And is is fixed since long and still works.
So please open a new issue.