Hang/crash by extending a glissando on a note with another one in the second staff

• Feb 27, 2017 - 11:08
Reported version
S2 - Critical

2.0.3 and current 2.1 dev. cf699bf / Windows7

1) Load this file: Gliss.mscz
2) Select (double-click) the glissando in second staff bass clef
3) Select right handle, and extend (arrows/mouse) to the notehead also in first beat and treble clef (on the G half note)

Result: nothing particular, except if you do Escape: you observe the two glissandos and the bracket (?) are gone.

After undo, they revert.

4) Now, change the value of the same G half note to a quarter note
5) Repeat step #3

Result: when the handle reaches the notehead (quarter note G), the program hangs.
Wait a few seconds, and then close the window with the "X" -> crash

- Don't know by now if this issue is the underlying problem (or one of them?) which leads to this one ?
#112656: Crash when opening score with a duplicate Glissando


I tried your steps to reproduce the crash and it did. I looked for the .gliss.mscx, file but it is not anywhere on my computer. I wonder if the crash is MS failing to attempt to create that file.