Control separate voices playback in Mixer

• Sep 19, 2012 - 12:58
Graphical (UI)
S5 - Suggestion

Dear developers,

First of all I have used your program extensively and I am very happy about all the possibilities.

I have a problem, that to my knowledge isn't possible at the moment, but I hope you will have time to implement in the future?

I often write my soprano and alt in the same staff, in order to conserve space and in general to make it look better.
However in certain cases, when my choir have to practice one or the other of these voices, I would like to separate the voices in the mixer?

Best regards
The dane


It's indeed not possible right now and to my knowledge it's not trivial to implement. However as a workaround, you can right click on a note of a voice -> Select -> More and check same voice, same staff. Then right click on a selected note -> Note properties -> change the velocity to User and value to 0. That will silence this voice, you can export an audio file then, or send this file to your soprano or alto depending of the voice you muted.

Thank you so much for your swift reply. Of course I hope you at one point find a way to implement this feature. However you workaround sounds as great substitute.

Thank you again!

Controlling voices will be possible if/when "MIDI Actions" feature would be implemented.
It was suggested on dev-list while I was working on JACK last summer.
With this feature you can add MIDI messages to any voice you want (control volume in your case) with a special dialog. Actually it is not about separating voices in Mixer, but about having an independent control over voices.
More information: on my blog and on a dev-list.
Current status: postponed.

Good to hear from you on this Maxim :)

Once MuseScore 2 is finally out I think we should get our heads together on implementing MIDI Actions for all instruments - certainly when Jack is the configured output, and maybe for the internal synth also.

If FluidSynth complies with MMA specs then it should simply ignore MIDI messages it doesn't understand, and either pass them on through Thru port if there is one, or simply dump them as garbage. We will need to test whether this is the case. Certainly it has been discovered that the use of GM RPNs can upset some VSTi's so we will have to see whether we can crash Fluidsynth by sending it controller messages it won't implement.