Upload MuseScore audio rendition on MuseScore.com together with score

• Mar 20, 2017 - 13:09
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This is one of the top requested feature of MuseScore.com with different variations. We are often asked if we could support custom soundfonts for example. Currently it's possible to create a youtube video with your own audio rendition, and add it as a media source to the score as explained here: https://help.musescore.com/hc/en-us/articles/210260605-Send-to-YouTube but it's a bit involved and required a YouTube account.

To make this easier, we will add a checkbox in the Save Online dialog in MuseScore itself. This checkbox will appear if the MuseScore synthesizer is not in its default state. The checkbox will be disabled if lame is not installed. If the checkbox is checked, then after uploading the MSCZ file, MuseScore will render an mp3 of the score and send it to MuseScore.com. This MP3 will replace the default generated one.


Fantastic, still. Re: "This checkbox will appear if the MuseScore synthesizer is not in its default state," does "default state" refer to factory settings, or a new default state created by the user with "Set as Default"?

"default state" currently means that the zerberus synth has no sfz loaded and that the fluid synth has only the default soundfont loaded.

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Status closed needs info
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Is it possible to REPLACE an already uploaded score with this audio feature, as I have a completed score with multiple likes, views and comments, and don't want to fill an additional space of uploads with the exact same piece, just different sound fonts? (I don't have Pro, therefore not having unlimited uploads). If not, will this mean I need to delete my currently uploaded score to get the sound fonts included in online playback?

Status (old) needs info closed
Status needs info closed
Reported version 2.1

Please use the forum for support request like this, not the issue tracker.