Changing beaming properties adds beams to wrong staff

• Apr 11, 2017 - 23:06
Reported version
S4 - Minor

I am trying to connect beams in measure 54 so that the 8th note is connected to the 16th note after the rest. I want this measure to look like measure 55 in the attached Before_Beam_Properties.gif.
After I select the 1st 2 notes I clicked the 3rd icon from the left in Beam Properties (highlighted blue in the gif)
The beams are being added but to the staff above where I wanted the beams. (Highlighted in Red in After_Beam_Properties.gif)

This issue is found on page 13 of the attached musescore file.


You've stumbled across a bug. Part of the problem is that you are making the first note have the middle beam as well as the rest. This causes the beam to try to attach itself to the previous measure on the previous line. If you select the measure and double click the auto beam mode it will do what you want. Alternatively, click the first note in the measure and apply the beginning beam and the middle beam only to the rest.