[MusicXML] Export keeps text from first frame only

• Apr 13, 2013 - 15:11
S4 - Minor
  1. Create a score
  2. add a few vertical frames by a) inserting to the first meaasure and b) by appending
  3. enter some unique text into each of them
  4. export as MusicXML (.xml or .mxl)
  5. import that files

Expected result: all frames are still there

Actual result:
Only the very first frame is still there

Tested with 1.3 and 4f5befc.


Title [MusicXML] Export keeps the first vertical frame only [MusicXML] Export keeps the first frame only

Affects all frames, not just vertical ones

As far as I know the concept of frames is alien to MusicXML. So there is not way to store them.
What the export does : it takes the first frame, look for composer, lyricist, title etc... and create "credits" elements in the MusicXML file (Credits element are just text + page number + coordinates)
The import reads the credits element and reconstruct a frame to put them in.

There is no crash, and the loss of information doesn't occur if you save in MSCZ. This bug is not critical at all.

I don't really care whether it keeps the frames, but it needs to keep their content. Like additional lyrics stanzas or more than one piece (and hence title, composer etc) in one file.
How else to get these across to another software or between 2.0 and 1.x?

It is indeed the export that loses this "frame text" data, not the import, I just had a look at an xml file with a normal editor