Unisons between voices should share noteheads even if durations differ

• Apr 18, 2014 - 17:06
S4 - Minor

Windows 7, GIT commit: a722cfd

1) new score
2) add eighth note C in voice 1, quarter note C in voice 2

Result: separate noteheads
Expected result: they share a notehead

Algorithm should be, noteheads can be shared if they have the same group, same type, and both have stems. Should probably check for same number of dots, although it is sometimes acceptable to share noteheads even for notes with different dots. But this can left at the discretion of the user.


Well, I was only talking about the opposite direction case, although I didn't say so explicitly. But given that we are talking about chords with opposing stem directions, the algorithm really does need to check that both actually have stems. So two whole notes or breves don't end up sharing a notehead. Or notes where you explicitly hide them stem. Sharing noteheads only makes sense if stems are present to make clear there really are two distinct notes involved.

Here's the vtest I put together, showing each of the relevant cases and my proposed handling:


This all agrees with what I perceive to be standard practice and with Elaine Gould's recommendations in "Behind Bars", except that there are indeed some special cases where it can optionally be acceptable to share noteheads even with different types (a half note sharing with an eighth, for instance) or with different numbers of dots. Rather than attempting to detect these special cases automatically - which is really impossible - these will be cases that will continue to require manual override as they always have.

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