"Line visible" property not honored on screen for text lines

• Apr 10, 2018 - 16:59
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MuseScore 2.2.1, Windows 10

1) default score
2) select a measure
3) double click cresc. line (or any other text line) in palette
4) select line in score
5) uncheck line visible
6) press Esc

Result: line still shows on screen. Disappears when "View / Show Invisible" is disabled, so is preusmably really invisible but the grayed out display is not working.

I'm guessing this is due to fix for #46046: no visual feedback when toggling item visibility as that seems the only relevant change after a quick investigation.


I can't reproduce, MuseScore 2.2.1 on Windows 7, with a new score from the Grand Statt template, or any of my scores.
Not sure what step 6) press Esc is for? Ah: for deselecting it... still it is greyed out after that, but slightly darker than when selected

Slightly darker? To me it's exactly as dark as when not made invisible - I don't see any difference whatsoever between the color of the line and the color of the text itself. Are you sure you are using "Line visible" and not "Visible"? For me, "Visible" works, but not "Line visible".

If you are seeing otherwise, can you post a screenshot? Here is how it looks for me:


I don't see any difference in color between the "cresc." and the "- - -", which I should. Again, this is after unchecking "Line visible" in Inspector. But if I turn off "View / Show Invisible", I get what I expect:


Before pressing Esc, it's blue, again, no obvious difference whatsoever from the regular blue for selected elements

Title Line visible property not honored on screen for text lines "Line visible" property not honored on screen for text lines

Apparently I didn't read properly ;-)

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Also notice the difference in palette displays

Here's version 2.1
lines 21.png

Here's 2.2.1
palette 221.png

Notice that in the palette, if you put a dynamics line with an invisible line in the palette it is grayed like a displayed invisible line in 2.1 but solid as a visible line in 2.2.1. All invisible lines are on the left and visible on the right.

I've observed something similar/related or maybe even the same: when adding Pedal lines, the line between the Ped. and the * is shown on the score, but not in the printout/PDF export or online version on MuseScore.com. so I suspect that MuseScore does honor that "Line visible" setting, but only doesn't show it on screen.
And I've just tested and verified that this indeed is the case.

Hopefully that change would also fix it for 2.3, or something equally simple would work. But FWIW, if no better is fix is found, I'd be fine with reverting the change that caused it.