Close tab with mouse middle click

• Jul 7, 2014 - 07:01
Ergonomical (UX)
S5 - Suggestion


I would like to see middle click tab closing feature in "currently open files" tabs bar, it's a very pratical feature.

Olimon F.


Yes, this is a design pattern you see in many other software, here is a few examples:

Firefox / Chrome:

So, I have 2 tabs open in firefox: "Google" and "Ubuntu start page", if I use the mouse middle click in one of them, the clicked tab will close. Same goes for chrome / chromium & many other browsers.

Editor / IDE

Same as the example above, if I click any tab with middle click, the clicked tab will close. Here I am using geany, but works with notepad++ & other editors as well.

Other software

You can see this feature in many other software with tabs, like file managers, terminal emulators, etc...

You mean a middle click *not* on the "x" has the effect of actually closing a tab outright in those programs - no popup menu, confirmation dialog, or anything? Sounds like a bug more than a feature to me! Good thing I don't have a three button mouse any more, I guess, since I see this actually *is* a semi-standard feature now, yet this would do nothing but annoy me.

Anyhow, active means active, but minor feature requests are not really a priority right now. Much more important to be fixing bugs to get a stable release out!

Try this in IE, Firefox, Thunderbird. If there's not been a change to the code/form/whatever, and you click the X on the tab, it closes without any intervention. Clicking the third button takes a conscious effort because the fingers are not normally situated on it unless you're scrolling.

It's not a feature I use, but it certainly is in use.

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