Corruption on duration change of note in measure with local time signature

• Sep 19, 2018 - 19:10
Reported version
S3 - Major

This actually goes back to 2.1 if not earlier, but was first reported against 2.3.2 in

Steps to reproduce:

1) New Score, Grand Staff, 4/4
2) Add local 1/2/8 time signature (Ctrl+drag) to top staff only
3) Enter 5 C 4 C four times to fill measure
4) Select last quarter note C (on beat 10 of 12)
5) Press "."

Result: corruption

You can similarly get corruption with a quarter note on beat 9 if you use "W" or "6" to turn it into a half note, so the issue is not specific to the dot command - it's general to any duration change.

It's not any duration change, though, some seem to work OK.


The time signatures are also not significant. I ran into the same thing in 3.0 using 6/4 with cut time as the local time signature.

No doubt!

BTW, while you get corruption changing a quarter note on beat 9 to a half in my example, or one on beat 8, it works fine on beat 7. The corruption seems to have something to do with approaching the end of the measure.

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In testing in version 2.3.2, anytime the note reaches or crosses the end of the measure, the corruption occurs. I put 3 eighth notes starting on beat 10 of the 12/8 measure. Every time I made the note long enough to reach or cross the end of the measure, it resulted in corruptions.