Page view jumps cursor off the bottom of screen in note entry mode.

• Nov 3, 2018 - 15:59
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Create a score with enough staves to fill the screen plus at least one more.
Position the last staff so it is completely visible (I like to put it in the middle of the scree, but this is not necessary).
Enter a note that requires a ledger line below the staff
Result: screen jump so entered note is not visible
Expected: screen does nothing since the note was being entered in a completely visible staff.

Work around: Use continuous view since it doesn't happen there.


This is a result of a flaw in the "Pan Score Automatically" feature. Fortunately, you are able to turn this feature off, since it sometimes produces undesired results.

It also shouldn't "pan" the screen vertically at all.
It absolutely should pan the score vertically, if such panning is necessary in order to keep the cursor in view.

Like I said, the feature is flawed, which is why it is nice that it can be disabled.

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I agree that pan is broken, but it needs to be fixed or eliminated all together (which I'm very opposed to).

Since you can only enter notes on one staff at a time, no matter the input method, when should it pan vertically? I can think of two situations: First, when the user has the staff at the bottom (or top) of the screen and enters notes outside of the visible area or possibly within a very short distance of the bottom (or top) of the screen; Second, when the staff is continued at a different location on a page (the same page or the next page) than the current staff, then only if the first reason is true. As I said in my initial post, I keep the staff I'm entering notes in near the middle of the screen, so these vertical pans should only happen when a new system is encountered.

when should it pan vertically?
You said it yourself: "when a new system is encountered." I agree that it should not pan the score vertically in your scenario.

If I am understanding this correctly, I can reproduce - the screen repositions to place the bottom staff near the bottom of the screen, and the most recently-entered note may indeed not fit. Looks to me like the issue is MuseScore trying to keep the cursor visible rather than the last note entered. But I note this doesn't happen in 2.3.2, so there is probably something about getting the bounding box position of the measure.

Here's my first attempt at an animated GIF. BTW I found ScreentoGIF for windows only which is open source and actually hosted on github. I work on options to make it go smoother in the future.

note off bottom of screen.gif

As you can see, as you enter notes in page view onto a staff that will not fit on a page with the first staff, the notes disappear below the screen.