Allow customization of minVerticalDistance (space between marking on adjacent staves/systems)

• Dec 5, 2018 - 06:30
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Working on a full orchestra score, using the fun new separate voices-> separate parts feature, and I've noticed an alignment issue that multiple voices makes fairly clear. Measure 17, nearly everyone is going to ppp, except for tuba, which is pp. Because of tuba/bass trombone sharing a stave, I have to have dynamics on top. There is barely any room between the top ppp of Trombone III basso and the ppp of Trombone I, II. There needs to be some vertical space there. The tr (old tremolo) on the timpani is nearly colliding with the pp of that low G tuba note, as well.

Maybe an across the board minimum distance between elements from differing staves? Even better if the User can adjust said distance in the Style dialog.

I'm also not sure how to fix it in the meantime, if anybody has a workaround, I'd love to hear it.


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Title Not enough space allowed for vertical alignment of dynamics Allow customization of minVerticalDistance (space between marking on adjacent staves/systems)
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Looks like you deleted everything in the score, I can't see. But I can put in my own dynamics :-). There should be exactly 0.5sp space between markings below one staff and above the next. There was a bug where this wasn't honored correctly between systems but that was just fixed - see #279240: Systems can overlap (by same amount that staves *don't*). But staves should be giving you the 0.5sp even in older builds.

What I discovered along the way is that there is a style setting to customize that 0.5sp default, but you can't access via the UI currently. Meanwhile, if it's not enough for you, you could save an MSS file, hand-edit it to customize the minVerticalDistance value, then load it back. Or, just use a staff space where needed.

Sure it is. Right now there is 0.5sp distance between the dynamics, just as there is supposed to be. You are requesting the ability to customize that sefault more easily than using the procedure I described. Meanwhile, you can also just use a spacer.

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