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• Dec 6, 2018 - 10:02
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When I set the second kind of pedal lines to invisible and upload the score to a site, the pedal lines are still visible. Exporting to a PDF file can also reproduce it.


To be clear, you are talking about the "Line visible" property for Pedal, right? It is true that that is not saved. It is an easy fix.

Export to PDF should be working now with regards to hiding the line if "Line visible" is not checked. When you say you are using the latest build, you have all of the changes from yesterday?

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To be clear, the issue is fixed in the software in the master branch, but not on the website, right? If so, then this issue has become a request to update the backend.

Edit: Oops, missed a bunch of comments.

The Beta that was released on December 14 contains the fix for this bug. If you are using that Beta or a later build, then you should be able to load your score, select all pedal markings, uncheck "Line visible", save your score, and upload to the website, and it should display correctly.

Works for me, in 3.0 RC. The lines do go invisible if set and saved that way, but not the entire Ped marking, if the element is marked invisible, that much seems a bug

To be clear: there is a difference between marking the entire pedal marking invisible vs marking just the line portion invisible. The former is the "Visible" checkbox at the top of the Inspector (or shortcut "V"), the latter is a little further below.

So please install the RC, load your score, and be sure you have used the correct option for visibility. Does it look right on screen? If so, there is no bug in MuseScore here. Then re-upload to

If it looks wrong on-screen on your own computer within MuseScore (eg, even before uploading), then please attach the score here (not just a link to

Title Pedal marks are still visible when set to invisible Invisible pedal marks visible on
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Confirmed, so I guess the backend really has not been updated? Or somehow things are just not working there?

We don't have a field here for issues and probably don't want to in general (most web site issues will have nothing to do with MuseScore software), but this is kind of a crossover. I'm using setting under "Type" for now.

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confirmed, very strange, as these do not show in 3.0.1 on the PC and the backend in had been updated to that a few hours ago

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If PDF and show hidden lines, it isn't a issue. That Pedal line Element in measure 237 is set to invisible, but the line part of it is set to visible, so that is what you get. Same for all the crescendo lines

Seetting those lines to invisble does work.
Setting the entire element to invisble does not apparently. Different bug, needs a new issue