3.0 does not compile

• Dec 25, 2018 - 23:47
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3.0 (git c1a5e4c) does not compile, whereas the previous (b0c3cf5) git snapshot from 2018-12-13 did.

It is looking for Qt5WebEngine, doesn’t find it (sure, it’s an optional dependency and thus does not need to be there, and in fact won’t be there on most CPU architectures), and then croaks.

I’m attaching a full build log of the package.

I’ve tried looking into this and, for a while, suspected PR 4400, but apparently it’s not even merged yet, so I’ve got absolutely no idea why this could suddenly fail. Diffing all CMakeLists.txt and the entire build/ subdirectory has not yielded anything — to me — suspicious, either, but perhaps I’ve overlooked this due to lack of cmake skill.

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Qt is available, in PATH, and configured correctly.

I just reused the precisely same build environment (clean Debian unstable chroot, with the exact same packages in the exact same versions installed) to successfully build the 2018-12-13 snapshot, so the build environment is sane, and something changed in the MuseScore source to make the build fail.

A hunch: perhaps the Qt packages are tried “in order”, and every found package sets cmake variables with Qt locations, and webengine is last, and webengine is not found, so it overwrites the previously correct paths with the empty string?

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Regression Yes No

I, too, get nothing by turning BUILD_WEBOFFICE off, though I'm doing so on Funtoo 1.3, the spinoff of Gentoo by Gentoo's originator that, among other things, does not include systemd. I am providing links to the make release log (http://dlc.casita.net/~dlc/mscore.make.release.log) along with the list of installed qt and musescore packages (http://dlc.casita.net/~dlc/mscore.installed.packages) since file attachment does not seem to be functioning. Remember all Funtoo/Gentoo packages are built from source when installed on the target platform.

Status PR created fixed

Fixed in branch master, commit f4854c1d2d

_fix #280651: unbreak building without QtWebEngine

Shuffle a few things around so we can use the simplified definition
of USE_WEBENGINE everywhere, instead of duplicating the MinGW check._

Fix version