Crash when loading a score of version 1.3 involving tremolos and underlying corruption

• Jan 19, 2019 - 08:19
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S2 - Critical

When I try to play "The Finger Breaker" by Jelly Roll Morton--which I had just played in the prevcious version without any problem--the program shuts down!

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Title Version 3.0.1 crash when playing older music file Crash when loading a score of version 1.3
Severity S3 - Major S2 - Critical

Need investigation to be more precise (the file opens well with 2.3.2)

Title Crash when loading a score of version 1.3 Crash when loading a score of version 1.3 involving tremolos and underlying corruption

The culprit are unexpected tremolos in measures 21-24 (with underlying corruption which appears after removing the tremolos)
Minimal (crash with 3.0.1): test3 tremolos.mscz
Minimal with removed tremolos (corrupt message with 3.0.1) : test4 tremolos.mscz
(NB: these two minimal tests open well with 2.3.2)
Considering this unexpected aspect/corruption and the provenance of the file (version 1.3), I don't know exactly about the status of this issue.

I'm investigating this. Seems to be a fairly simple fix - just a bit of layout that is missing a return after checking a element type. Then also a bit of renderMidi fixing for more checks.

Fixed in branch master, commit 3a72e52446

Merge pull request #4601 from jthistle/282186-tremolo-corruption-crash

fix #282186: importing tremolo from 1.3 causes crash

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When I installed the nightly build, and attempted to open "The Finger Breaker," I got an error message saying that the file was corrupted! As a result, I have removed both the nightly and version 3.0.1 from my system altogether. I will wait for version 3.0.2 to come out and see what happens then. If this problem is not resolved by that time, I may have to dispense with using MuseScore altogether, and go with Finale.

I'm really sorry to hear about that. The file is, technically, corrupted, however you can still successfully open a corrupted file. Please, reinstall the latest nightly, and open the file. You should get a message that it's corrupted. Click the option that says 'Continue' or 'Ignore' (I can't remember what it says, exactly - choose the option that doesn't abort reading the score). It should read correctly after that. The only difference will be that one bar will be highlighted red to show possible corruption - this doesn't affect playback or editing of the score, and saving and reopening it from there potentially could fix the corruption altogether. I hope this helps.

You can of course still wait for 3.0.2, but it will work the same as the nightly.

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You were right! Once I clicked on "Ignore," it played perfectly! I didn't see any measures in red, however--possibly because I clicked on "reposition all elements" before playing it. I have just one other question, however--there are several instances in this scores where a line consists of only one "stretch-out" measure, possibly for printing-related reasons. How do I go about correcting that? Thanks for the help!

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