MuseScore crashes in attempt of adding or connecting two notes with a tie.

• Oct 22, 2019 - 10:52
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Into the video, I just opened up my previous work and attempted to connect two notes of the same pitch with a tie. It was the only feature that kept crashing the MuseScore program. This is fairly new and it hasn't happened in the previous weeks of using MuseScore. One of the steps that I have done was a fresh new install of MuseScore so I'm pretty certain I'm on the latest version, yet the problem persists.

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The gif doesn't explain what happens. Please attach this specific score to investigate the origin - something related to this particular score, the most likely.
(BTW, I cannot reproduce from scratch, in this test file: test tie.mscz ) - Windows 10, 3.2.3

EDIT: eventually, remove all parts -> recreate them, and see now if the result is the same.

Yes, my guess is that the corresponding part is corrupt in that measure, but we definitely need the score to investigate further. So please attach that before deleting and recreating the parts, or the problem might go away before we have a chance to reproduce it.

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Okay, so what I realized I didn't do was to do it to a fresh new score since I've been working on my score for a few months.

Yes, it was fixed with a new score which would mean all the previous scores I have must be corrupted. I've done it with three other scores in my folders and they all had the same problem, but only when I did it to a new score and the problem disappeared.

I guess I have some work to rewrite all the scores, but thanks for the help!

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I rather doubt all your existing scores are corrupt. And even if there is some corruption in some of them, chances are it s easily repaired without needing to start over. But apparently there is a bug still there. Two, possibly - one causing corruption, the other causing a corrupted file to crash. So please don't close this issue. We still want to fix the underlying problem, and also help you avoid the need to re-enter all your music, so we still need a sample score that demonstrates the problem.