Fingering collides with note flags, accidentals, note stems etc.

• Oct 29, 2019 - 23:16
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1) Measure with two voices
2) Make sure to utilize non-beamed but flagged notes in the second voice
3) Add fingering
Result: the fingering placement is equivalent to what would be found with the beamed notes or regular quarter notes etc, but the flags themselves aren't part of the 'calculation' so that the beams collide with the fingering

In 3.2.3 + Nightly:



This is a separate issue, but closely related and the other one I posted was marked as a duplicate so will post it here (further detailing what Marc mentioned above):

Fingering texts collide with articulations in one-voiced notes. For example, a staccato, a tenudo... they will collide with fingering text placement.

A Stress (>) or a marcato (^) or the combinations like marcato+tenudo will not though. These are distinct in the way they are handled as with the stac/tenuto markings, and they are moved up above the fingering, whereas of course a stac/tenu show as below the finger.

P.S. I'm not sure about the standard of most publishers, but I've come across a few sample scores and they seemed to have the fingering number be above the stress mark rather than the stress mark above the fingering.

It seems to me that all dynamics should be uniform as either above or below the fingering (probably the dynamic should be below but that's not really the point here), and most importantly the fingering text should not collide at all with any articulation.


A similar issue:

  1. Open the attached file and observe the collisions between fingering and accidentals in measure 2:
  2. Now add LH fingering to the middle notes of the chords as follows:

Notice that (1) the fingering on the top voice 1 note only positions itself correctly when the fingering on the accidental is added; and (2) the fingering on the lowest voice 2 note still collides with the accidental.

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Title Fingering collides with flagged notes, accidentals etc. Fingering collides with note flags, accidentals etc.
Title Fingering collides with note flags, accidentals etc. Fingering collides with note flags, accidentals, note stems etc.

In some cases fingering can also collide with a previous note stem: e.g.
It seems that auto-placement only kicks in when the bass note is at D3 or above (but only for this particular case—see next post).

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Still, your example shows the same issue—a fingering collision with a previous notestem. The conditions needed seem to be:

  1. The second note is on the fourth staff line or above and the first note is at least a 10th interval below it. e.g
  2. The second note is on or above the second space above the staff and the first note is at least a 9th below it. e.g.