Note-Entry, non-uniform behavior depending on selected element type

• Nov 13, 2019 - 10:24
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1) Create a new score
2) Put some notes
3) Deselect all (press Esc), check that note-entry mode is off

Normal case 1:
4) Select a note
5) Toggle the note duration button
6) Note-entry mode is off, because you won't to insert new notes into existing one. You may want to change the duration of the selected note.

Normal case 2:
4) Click a blank field on score page
5) Toggle the note duration button
6) Note-entry mode is on. Some existing note was selected (penult in my case)

Unexpected case:
4) Select a title or a treble clef for example
5) Toggle the note duration button
6) Nothing just happened

I think it will be more useful and user-friendly if behaviour in 3-rd case will be the same as behaviour in 2-nd case.


Status PR created fixed

Fixed in branch master, commit 8562cdae63

_fix #297008 Repeated behavior of transition to note input mode accordingly to cases when no items selected

Turn on note input mode by toggling pad even if user selection is on the text element for example_

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Where do you draw the line with this? For instance, if you select the curly brace of a piano staff and then press a note duration key, notice that the score jumps to the beginning and then enters into note-entry. This definitely feels like a bug, but at the same time this could be like a quick 'hack' to get to the beginning and might be seen as useful, since odds are that a user would never select a brace and then attempt to change note duration from that position.

Also notice that if you select a key-signature and press a duration shortcut, nothing happens. This too should more than likely be made uniform.

Entering a note input mode on pressing duration button when brace is selected seems to be consistent with the general approach, except for the jumping to the beginning part. That jumping needs to be fixed indeed.

Concerning key signatures, thanks for pointing out, that should definitely work as well. I guess the reason is that selecting a key signature makes the corresponding key signature element in all staves being selected, and this logic has not been (yet?) applied to list selection. If you select a clef or a time signature, or even if you select a key signature in a score with a single staff then note duration buttons work as expected. Maybe we should implement a similar behavior for list selections as well.

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